Our Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you fix domestic fridges?

    No, we specialise in commercial refrigeration.

  • What size air conditioning do I need for my home?

    All homes vary in terms of aspect, size and airflow, so we find it best to do a site inspection and provide you with an individual quote.

  • How can I get the best efficiency out of my air-conditioner?

    Regular maintenance is key to looking after your unit. Wash the filters and, most importantly, keep the return air filters clean. Keep the outdoor unit clean and ensure airflow is clear and unimpeded. We can provide regular maintenance checks for your unit/s.

  • What is the expected lifespan of an air-conditioner?

    This is very hard to answer specifically, but be aware, Coffs Harbour’s salt air, particularly if you are very close to the beach, can shorten the lifespan of your unit. Regular servicing can extend your equipment’s life and the use of corrosion protection sprays MAY also assist, but this is not always the case.

  • My fridge isn’t working – does it just need gas?

    There can be a lot of other reasons why your refrigeration isn’t working from issues due to not having regular servicing through to more complex issues around electronics or fan motors. You will need to organise an expert to take a detailed look.

  • I want to build a coolroom – can you design it?

    Yes, we can design everything from the build of the cool room through to the cooling product, controls used and even the energy-efficient running equipment.


    At Coffs Harbour Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning, we believe in ethical behaviour and doing what we say we will do. You can be assured that our team can be trusted.


    The workmanship on all our jobs is of the highest standard, meeting all regulatory and industry benchmarks. Our team’s experience leads us to deliver above and beyond.


    As warranty and service agents for leading brands, you can be assured that the best team is working on your equipment and our work will not void your warranties.