Summer is Here!

Hello Summer! it was a little slow to start but its here now!!

Things are very busy here now, the extra heat puts strain on refrigeration and air conditioning systems, especially if they haven’t been maintained properly (but I won’t harp on maintenance today). Sometimes it feels like all we do here is the simple stuff, washing filters and condensers, fixing gas leaks and the like but truth is our team is big on the technical stuff. Technology brings speed and accuracy and that also means efficiency. That’s why we are always learning and keeping up to date with what is moving in our industry. The technology that has been in air conditioning for years - namely inverters - has moved into the refrigeration industry so has electronic expansion valves and microprocessor control. All of this brings extra efficiency, therefore energy savings. so if you are thinking about updating your refrigeration plant why not talk to us and find out what we can do to bring savings to your business. Don’t forget we also have systems in place for offsite monitoring of refrigeration plant to help prevent stock loss in the case of a breakdown or to streamline food safe accreditation.

Now, off to the beach! 

Cheers, Ben.

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