World Refrigeration DayI’ve been in the trade for a fair while and I didn’t know this was a thing....

World Refrigeration Day

I’ve been in the trade for a fair while and I didn’t know this was a thing. June 26th is world refrigeration day and looking into it now and thinking about our clients and all the things we do refrigeration is so much more than keeping the beer cold, you can keep beers in ice instead of a fridge, that would keep it cold too right? But where did the ice come from, yep an ice machine, then it was bagged and put into a refrigerated truck and delivered to the service station or supermarket, kept in the freezer up until sale.. The Cold chain.

There is so much more! From the air conditioners we cool or heat our home or office with, the heat pump that warms a pool or the hot water system on your home, refrigeration in action. The air conditioner in your car. There it is again.

Chilled display cabinets, soft serve machines, vaccine fridges cool rooms, freezer rooms, chillers for MRI machines at radiology or the CNC router in a joinery. The portable fridge in your camper the list goes on. Refrigeration is part of everyday life and it’s an ever changing industry, our team has to keep up with all the new stuff that is happening and be up to date in training. On that note I think I’ll grab a cold drink from the fridge and call it a day, another week of keeping our clients refrigeration needs met here we come!


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