There’s no new technology in the refrigeration industry is there?When I started in this trade 22...

There’s no new technology in the refrigeration industry is there?

When I started in this trade 22 years ago my boss’s mobile phone was just that, a phone. It was plugged into his car and was in a bag. My first company provided phone was a Nokia, I can’t remember the model I think it was a 5110 but I could be wrong. It was a brick, only made phone calls, had only a few ring tones and the only game on it was snake. No text, no messenger or Facebook, no internet just a phone and that was on the analog network. Fast forward to today and I sport an iPhone which has put the internet of things at my fingertips. Marvelous stuff!

Technology has changed in a massive way too in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, Inverters for one thing in domestic and commercial air conditioning that allowed a compressor to speed up and slow down depending on the load to save energy but it did more than that, the inverter also allowed air conditioning manufacturers to increase the COP (co-efficiency of performance) and make systems smaller and quieter than ever before. Modern air conditioners are so quiet now that you can put one outside your bedroom window!

Toshiba has recently released the T-zone system for ducted air conditioners, this puts a touch screen on the wall and gives complete control of the zones and temperatures in your home, you can add WiFi and control it from your compatible phone or tablet and even remote access it when your not home. (Turn on the cooling before you get home or turning it off because you forgot to to in the rush to get out the door)

Inverter technology is in the refrigeration industry too, although usually referred to as VSD (variable speed drive) controlling compressors and fan motors to give better performance and lower running costs on your refrigeration plant.

Add to this the other great benefits of technology, like electronic expansion valves, which also adjust on demand, or my personal favorite remote access and control. For our customers that have cool rooms, freezer rooms or fridges with high value stock we offer control systems that will send us a text message if the temperature gets too high or too low, if the power goes off or if someone is changing settings on the controller. We can log in and check temperature logs, change settings back, trigger a manual defrost or work out if we need to make a service call. Calling our customer and preventing stock loss. We can also graph temperatures for health audits. As the customer you can choose to receive daily, weekly or monthly emails showing the historic data for your refrigeration equipment.

That’s only a taste of what technology has to offer our industry at the moment, if you want to find out more about the systems I’ve talked about or what else is on offer then feel free to give us a call!


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