Maintinance, is not doing it costing you money?

Short answer is yes. Not properly maintaining your refrigeration and air conditioning equipment leads to a few things. 

Firstly your power consumption goes up: Blocked filters, condensers and evaporators (the fan coils that look a bit like the radiator in your car) cause the equipment to run longer, and in some instances drawing more current as they run for longer, so your power bill goes up unnecessarily. In the same way if your equipment is running a bit short of refrigerant (this is due to a leak, it doesn’t get used up) your equipment will run longer. you may not notice a change to the equipments performance at first, but over time it will get worse.

Machinery breakdown: “if you don’t schedule time to maintain your equipment, your equipment will find an inopportune time to schedule it for you.”

Downtime: Lack of maintenance produces down time, this could range from mildly inconvenient like a blocked condensate drain leaking on the floor, to catastrophic, like the cool room shuts down due to a blocked condenser and all the product is lost on top of the cost of having the cool room repaired. (On a side note if you have cool rooms full of product where temperature is critical why not talk to us about remote temperature and alarm monitoring, its not as expensive as you might think!)

Budget: you can put maintenance costs into your budget, but a catastrophic break down is far harder to budget for. Also if maintenance is happening regularly your technician (that is our technicians) can let you know if they see some wear and tear or a potential problem that needs attention and inform you, allowing you to factor in to your budget the repairs and hopefully having faults repaired before a breakdown occurs. 

There you have it, at least my thoughts on it anyway. If you would like to know more about scheduled maintenance for your refrigeration or air conditioning equipment then please give me a call.

Cheers, Ben.