Boom, summer over.

March is here that means summer is over right? Mother Nature doesn’t seem to be so keen with the run of hot, humid weather and thunderstorms hanging around. By the way, with all this humidity you did know that you can use your air conditioner to dry out your home right? If its on the cool setting it will remove humidity from the air while cooling your home, most everyone knows this but there is also a setting on most air conditioners called “dry” or “dehumidify” usually shown by a water droplet icon. This “dry” mode runs the air conditioner in cool mode at a very low fan speed to reduce the amount of moisture in the air without changing the temperature by much. this is especially helpful on those days where the temperature would be great if it wasn’t 90% humidity! it also can use less power than a unit set to cool. 

On another note there seems to be an increase in air conditioners suffering from PCB failures due to geckos, frogs and rodents (and occasionally snakes). a method we have found that seems to work is to insert a naphthaline ball into the outdoor unit where the pipework enters. seems the critters don’t like the smell very much and tend to leave the AC alone. I wouldn’t recommend it for the indoor unit however, unless you want it to smell like Grandma’s linen closet…….  

Right, well I have to go and mow the lawn again, with all the rain lately its almost a daily job!

Until next month!


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